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Geneva’s adult entertainment world is extremely diverse and offers tons of ways to spend an exciting evening. You can spend time with a beautiful escort babe, or even go to a club to dance all evening, or spend the evening in the Red Light District looking for the perfect girl or spend time in a night club to see beautiful girls dancing and they undress for customers. The big attraction of these clubs is Lap Dance, the sensual dance that girls do by rubbing and moving around a pole. Customers also pay a lot of money to have a private show in the club’s private room and have a dance just for them. The escort agencies have understood that men are very interested in Lap Dance and have decided to defeat the competition by creating the Lap Dance Escort Service. This escort service allows customers to have a personal lap dance during their Geneva Escort Experience.

This service is very interesting and controversial, and we talked to the staff member of an escort agency in Geneva, who explained to us in detail how this service works.

Here’s what we learned about the service.

Thanks for being here with me. You have created the Lap Dancing Escort Service for a long time. Did customers appreciate this service? What was the market response?

Our customers have been very happy with this service, and the response from people has proven that our initiative has been very successful. It is not our most purchased service, but it has a higher result than our forecasts; therefore, we are delighted.


Why is the Lap Dancing Escort Service so popular?

There are several reasons, but I think the main one is the fact that our girls manage to communicate their enthusiasm for what they are doing to all their customers. Often people don’t come to us to just have sex. If our clients really only wanted to have sex, they would have many other cheaper alternatives, such as clubs, street prostitutes, women who work as independent call girls, or go to the Red Light District at any time of the day. They will find beautiful women and spend much less money than hiring a professional escort who works with an agency.

If people decide to invest their money in a top-level escort service, it means that they are looking for something different than what they can get with other services.

These people want to be pampered, have the feeling of being important, and spend a pleasant day with a woman. The big difference between our service and competitors is that our girls are 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction and don’t have to work as hard as possible to satisfy as many people as possible to earn more money. We prefer that our girls have a few bookings, but that the quality of the service is very high. Choosing to invest in quality and not quantity is a courageous choice in this sector, but the results prove us right.


And what role does the Lap Dancing Escort Service play in all this?

We want our customers to always get everything they want and to have excellent experiences with our girls. We thought that seeing a beautiful girl dance sensually before having sex could be pleasant, and for this reason, we created the Lap Dancing Escort Service, to allow customers to see this private show whenever they wish and especially without no time limit. We are not in a club room with ten minutes available, but in a hotel room with a beautiful woman and all the time you want. The difference between these two is abysmal.


I understand. How do you ensure great quality in the Lap Dancing Escort Service?

Many girls who collaborate with us have experience as dancers in clubs before choosing to become Geneva escort girls. Thanks to their experience, these girls are able to easily dance any type of music in an extremely sensual way and to satisfy any kind of request from their customers. Furthermore, during our selections, we look for girls who have this type of experience or who have studied dance.

In this job, it is important to know how to do everything. Dancing is very important to excite men in the best way, and we cannot work with girls who cannot dance and cannot satisfy this fundamental requirement for us.


Maybe it’s a stupid question, but what to do if there is no pole in the hotel room to dance on?

Well, obviously, the name Lap Dancing Escort Service has mainly a commercial value. We offer a beautiful ballet and sensual dance to all our customers, regardless of whether or not there is a pole in the room to dance on. The focus of the escort service is on the girl’s dance, not where it takes place or how.

I understand. What advice do you usually give to customers to get the most out of this service?

It is not necessary to give customers much advice for this service because it can only be purchased with other services that allow you to have sex. In order not to create problems, we have decided not to allow this service, which only serves to personalize the customer experience and purchase it on its own.

We ask our customers for maximum collaboration in the use of condoms and to always be polite and respectful of the escort who is working with them and not to take personal initiatives, such as dancing together with the escort or grab her during the performance.

We ask you not to take photos and videos during the whole exhibition, and throughout the entire Geneva Escort Experience, and for now, all our customers have been excellent at showing maximum collaboration in all our services.


Thanks to these words, we understood the great potential of the Lap Dancing Escort Service.

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